In this post we will see some moral story in English in its original form and understand its importance for the all-round development of kids.

Short Moral Story in English

What is Moral Story?

A moral story is a story that tells a valuable lesson or principle. These stories are often told to teach children important values and principles, but they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this article, we will explore the importance of moral stories and provide examples of some popular ones.

Importance of Moral Stories

Moral stories have been part of human culture and civilization for centuries. They serve as a means of teaching important values and principles such as honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility. These stories help individuals develop a strong moral compass and make better decisions in their daily lives.

Moreover, moral stories can also help individuals understand complex issues and concepts. For example, a story about the importance of forgiveness can help individuals understand the value of letting go of anger and resentment. Similarly, a story about the dangers of greed can help individuals understand the importance of being satisfied with what they have.

Moral Stories

1.Lessons for Horse – Moral Story in English for Kids

A poor man had a horse and a donkey. One day he was going to the nearest market with these two. He loaded the donkey with the load of luggage again as usual. And there was no luggage on the horse again.

Lessons for Horse – Moral Story in English for Kids

On the way, the donkey said to the horse, “Brother, I have a heavy load again, take some amount of weight from me.” The horse said that you have a burden, I have nothing to do with it. This burden is yours and you need to carry it with you. Don’t tell me anything about it.

On hearing this, the donkey became silent. Then the three of them began to walk silently. After some time due to the heavy load, the donkey’s legs began to wobble and he fell on the way. He began to foam at the mouth.
After that, the man took off all the donkey’s feast and put it on the horse. While walking, the horse began to think about how much better it could have been if I had taken some weight of the donkey. Now I have to take all the burden to the market.

Moral of the story – By helping in the pain of others, our pain also decreases.

2.Mother’s Love – Moral Story in English for Kids

There was an angel. Once he said that whose little child would be the sweetest, I would reward him. Hearing this, all the creatures gathered in one place with their kids.

Mother's Love – Moral Story in English for Kids

The angel looked at all the children one after the other. When he saw the flat-nosed child of the feminine ape. The angel said. This kid is so ugly!

His father and mother cannot receive the award in any way. Hearing the angel’s voice, the child’s mother felt a lot of pain. Mom said to her little boy, “Don’t worry, my child, I love you very much. ”

You are the most important award for me, I don’t need to receive another award, may God bless you with an extended life.

Moral of the story – Nothing on this planet equals a mother’s love.

3.Rooster and Fox – Moral Story in English for Kids

There lived a cunning fox in a forest. Once he saw a rooster sitting on the highest point of a tree. He thought in his thoughts how good this meal would be! But the problem for me was that I couldn’t climb the tree.

She wanted the rooster to come back down from the tree someday. So the fox went under the tree. He said to the rooster, “Brother, there is a good information for you. Just an edict has come from heaven that now, all birds and animals will inhabit collectively.

Rooster and Fox – Moral Story in English for Kids

Now we’ll not kill each-other in any way. Even the fox will not eat the rooster. So you shouldn’t be afraid of me. Come down and we’ll sit and talk to each other.

The chicken said wow! You’ve heard excellent information. Look, some of your friends are coming to see you. My friend! The fox wondered which of my companions were coming. The rooster said with a smile.
The fox trembled when he heard the hounds. He took a long leap to escape. The rooster said, “Why are you afraid[fearing] of them?” Now we’re friends to be friends, aren’t we? Yes, the fox said, maybe the hounds do not know about this. The fox ran away in fear.
Moral of the story – Do not blindly believe in the words of others

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4.Snakes and Ants – Moral Story in English for Kids

There lived a snake in a forest. Day and night he used to eat birds’ eggs, lizards, rabbits and small animals. After eating so many animals, he became very lethargic.

Within a few days, he grew much taller, his satisfaction additionally increased significantly. One day the snake thought I was essentially most dominant in the wilderness. I am the king of the jungle. Now I need to live in a vast space for my fame and size.

Snakes and Ants – Moral Story in English for Kids

Thinking of this, he chose a huge tree for his residence. There were mounds of ants close to the tree. Many small particles of soil have accumulated there. “I don’t like this commotion. This filth should not remain here.

He angrily approached Bill and advised the ants. I am Nagraj, the king of this jungle. I order you to get this out of here as soon as possible. Seeing the snake, different animals trembled. But it had no effect on small ants.
Now the snake’s anger increased significantly, he hit the bill with its tail like a whip. This caused a lot of resentment to the ants. Thousands of ants came out of the hole. The ant climbed on top of the snake and started biting it.
The snake felt as if hundreds of thorns were piercing its body flatly. He trembled with helpless pain. He began to yearn to get away from her. But to no avail. He struggled in this way for some time, though later he gave up his life in extreme pain.
Moral of the story- One should not be considered small and inferior, destruction is caused by useless arrogance.

5.Who is powerful? – Moral Story in English for Kids

Once a dispute broke out between the wind and the sun. The wind said from the beginning. I am stronger than you, no, you are not stronger than me, said Sooraj. Just then, his eyes fell on a traveler who had gone on a world tour.

The traveler was wearing a blanket, the wind and the sun determined that any of them who took off that passenger’s blanket would be strong.

Who is powerful? – Moral Story in English for Kids

For the first time came the wind. She started flowing with full pressure to remove the blanket from the passenger’s shoulder. The stronger the wind blew, the faster the passenger wrapped the sheet tightly. The fight continued until the wind was over.

The sun’s turn came. He smiled a little. This made the passenger really feel the heat. He quickly covered himself in the blanket. Solar’s smile grew and warmth grew as well. The traveler took off the blanket and took it in his hand, thus proving highly effective compared to the sun wind.

Moral of the story – No one is considered powerful just by bullying.

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Moral stories are an important part of human culture because they teach valuable lessons and principles that help individuals make better decisions in their daily lives. These stories can also help individuals understand complex issues and concepts in a more accessible way. By continuing to share these stories with future generations, we can ensure that these important values and principles continue to be passed down through the ages.


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